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Joe Biden named 6 of 7 grandkids, left one out during 'Take Your Child To Work Day' event at the White House

President Joe Biden seems very friendly around children, unless it's Hunter Biden's 'lovechild' birthed from a stripper. The failing Democrat president named 6 of his 7 grand children during a 'Take Your Child To Work Day' event at the White House. Joe Biden refused, or forgot, to name Hunter Biden's four-year-old daughter, a baby he had with a former DC stripper. Well, she might still be a stripper - I don't know and don't care.

Hunter Biden is battling the mother in a custody court case because she wants the child to have the Biden last name, which is technically correct since Hunter Biden is the baby's daddy, so the kid deserves the name, for sure. The mom is Lunden Alexis Roberts who was a stripper in DC when she met her baby's daddy, Hunter.

As of now, Hunter Biden and his family appear to neglect this woman and the child, acting like they don't exist. I thought Democrats cared about people, but I guess if you're a president, then you can't have your son knocking up strippers and walking around with the baby, right? The Free Beacon provided some further details on this mess. Their news article said the following:

Biden named the six grandchildren during a "Take Your Child to Work Day" event at the White House. Left unmentioned was Navy Joan, Hunter Biden's daughter who is at the center of a custody battle with mother Lunden Alexis Roberts, who worked as a stripper at a Washington, D.C., club when she met the president's son. Arkansas Circuit Court judge Holly Meyer on Monday ordered Biden to personally appear at future hearings in the case to answer questions about his laptop and financial records on it.

If Hunter Biden appears at hearings it will be his first public appearance in the case. The Biden family has refused to publicly acknowledge the girl, even though a court-ordered DNA test proved "with scientific certainty" that she is Hunter Biden’s child.

"I want both of your clients at every hearing that I conduct," Meyer told attorneys for Roberts and Hunter this week. "I will no longer allow us to dismiss clients from these hearings, because it is interfering with the progress of this litigation which is taking way too long to get over simple points."   


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