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Maybe it's NOT Maybelline: brand faces boycott for featuring bio-male in makeup

Seems like another brand is facing boycotts after partnering with a transgender woman, aka a guy who dresses like women, and you would think companies would learn their lesson by now. Maybelline faces calls for a boycott over partnering with that scuzzy guy Dylan Mulvaney who's just some dude prancing around like a lady and mocking REAL WOMEN on a daily basis by wearing "woman face" and taking jobs and partnerships that should have gone to real ladies. And let's be honest here folks, there are so many beautiful women out there who would look great as a partner of Maybelline, so why did the morons running that company pick a skinny ugly guy to sell makeup? It's just making chicks ticked off every where you look! They are fed up with it!

A news article on the NY Post had the details on what sparked the boycott of Maybelline and their terrible decision to partner with an awful human being:

The backlash has stemmed from a TikTok that Mulvaney, 26, posted showing off the cosmetic line while celebrating her 365th day of publicly identifying as a woman.

“Getting glam for my Day 365 show with @maybelline #maybelline partner,” Mulvaney wrote in a video that has amassed nearly 200,000 likes.

The promotional post spurred protests against Maybelline, similar to the wave of boycotts against Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light for featuring the transgender influencer in an ad on social media.

If your marketing people are this dumb, then you need to hire better people. The entire planet is sick of these guys dressing up as women and invading their sports, bathrooms, and now taking partnership jobs from makeup companies.

We are living in the dumbest times ever.


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