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Watch Bud Light’s VP of Marketing explain poor decisions she made

If you want to know who's behind Bud Light going woke by catering to a single dude who mocks women and dresses like them too. We won't even say the guy's name on here because he's such an awful person, but if you paid attention to the news this week, then you'll know exactly who this guy is. The Blaze did an article on the Bud Light employee responsible for ruining the brand and we'll dive right in!

Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid, the self-proclaimed "first female to lead the largest beer brand in the industry," shared her disdain for Bud Light's previous frat boy image during a recent podcast.  Heinerscheid described Bud Light as a brand "in decline for a really long time" during the March 23 episode of the "Make Yourself at Home" podcast. Speaking of Bud Light, which is the most popular beer brand in the U.S. as of a 2019 report, Heinerscheid claimed, "And if we do not attract young drinkers to come and drink this brand, there will be no future for Bud Light."

She sounds like an idiot who's pushing an agenda and not making business decisions. There will always be a market for Bud Light as sports fans, college students, and people who party at night drink it all the time - until now.

Heinerscheid stressed a need to "evolve and elevate" the Bud Light brand. "What does evolve and elevate mean? It means inclusivity," Heinerscheid declared. "It means shifting the tone. It means having a campaign that’s truly inclusive and feels lighter and brighter and different. And appeals to women and to men. And representation is sort of the heart of revolution." "You’ve got to see people who reflect you in the work," Bud Light’s vice president of marketing continued.

The customers are paying like $16 for a big Bud Light can at football games and partying all day in the parking lot before going into the game. Does this woman know anything about her target audience? Obviously NOT.

Heinerscheid expressed her disgust for the previous marketing campaigns of Bud Light. "And we had this hangover. I mean, Bud Light had been kind of a brand of fratty, kind of out-of-touch humor, and it was really important that we had another approach," she proclaimed.

This woman should be fired immediately for being THIS STUPID and pushing a personal agenda instead of making business decisions. She took a dude beer and pushed it on a tranny. What the hell was this awful woman thinking to partner with such a degenerate dude in a dress who mocks REAL WOMAN?


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