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John Fetterman suffers blunder with Don Lemon

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman has stumbled his way through an answer on inflation during an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon – just one week after his “painful” debate with Mehmet Oz. Meanwhile, his wife crops his head out of photos. She seems nice.

Seems like Gisele Fetterman is giving out relationship advice based on her experience with her husband. When asked how she advises her husband on dealing with difficult colleagues in Congress, including one infamously called "lucifer in the flesh" by a former GOP House Speaker, Fetterman recommended using empathy and creating a narrative to understand their behavior.

She acknowledged that hurt people can hurt others, but she believes everyone has the capacity to reflect and change with the help of therapy or other tools.

Despite the lack of kindness and empathy in Washington politics, Fetterman doesn't take herself too seriously and often makes self-deprecating jokes, even about her role as the second lady of Pennsylvania, which she shortened to "the SLOP." She also playfully asserts her dominance in her marriage, advising others to be confident in their truth and to ignore their partner's opinions when necessary.

But here's where it got weird... the end of this article said:

She also shares photos on social media with her 6-foot-8 husband’s head partially cropped out so that her shoes are visible in the frame, and insists that their marriage operates with the unspoken understanding that Gisele is always right when there are differences of opinion.

On that latter point, should anyone long for the same dynamic with their spouse or significant other, Gisele Fetterman offers the following advice: “You just have to be really confident in your truth,” she said, adding, “then you just, like, ignore him when he’s speaking.”

That's an odd thing to say.

Photo: Twitter screencap


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