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Joe Biden falls UP stairs of Air Force One; KJP said he's fine, but it was windy outside

President Joe Biden was boarding Air Force One while in Warsaw, Poland, when he took a stumble and a fall going UP the stairs. There was video of the incident, which you can watch above. It shows Joe Biden dipping down towards the steps and trying to catch himself. He gets up and gets in the plane. This took place as Joe Biden was finishing his surprise trip to Ukraine, while not yet visiting Ohio where a train derailed and spilled hazardous materials into the environment in East Palestine.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden's White House press secretary and communications director both chimed in, with one of them blaming the wind, as reported on Fox News:

"It's pretty windy outside, it's very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself. He is doing 100% fine," White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters at the time. "Nothing more than a misstep on the stairs," White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield.

President Joe Biden has taken quite a few tumbles despite getting glowing results on his recent physical. This recent tumble up the steps of Air Force One has people joking that they should put a chair rail on it and call it Chair Force One.


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