Postal worker busted throwing mail in trash, caught on video

Here's a video taken in the Glendale area of Arizona where people said they weren't getting all their mail sometimes, like coupons and stuff. Well, that mystery got solved when a home security camera caught a postal worker throwing mail in the trash. KKTV reported on the mail carrier busted throwing mail in the trash. The report said:

"Having the paper flyer is really something you’re used to and not something you want to give up,” said Todd Klingensmith, whose security cameras captured the woman throwing the mail away.

Klingensmith said he knows not everyone shares his passion for paper coupons. But everyone he’s spoken with in his neighborhood doesn’t understand how a postal worker could decide to throw dozens of pounds of advertising mail away.

“Postal carriers, trust is the No. 1 thing they’ve got going for them, you know?” he said.

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