Which Four Lettered Word did you use? Doocy says to White House Press Secretary

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Peter Doocy, Fox News White House correspondent, asked the White House press secretary what four lettered word she used when more classified documents were discovered and linked to President Joe Biden.

On top of the classified document scandal that Joe Biden is the center of, there's going to be people looking into his shady connections as well.

Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, James Comer, said that House Republicans are set to probe President Joe Biden’s connections to foreign business partners under their new majority. On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Republican Kentucky Rep. Comer said that the committee, renamed from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, will hold hearings on “Biden family influence peddling,” and will specifically look into the president’s role in Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

Here is what Comer said in that program: “I think any American who’s kept up with the political process over the past two administrations would agree. We need to know what is allowable and what isn’t allowable with respect to foreign adversarial intervention among family members of presidents of the United States.”

Including Chinese, Ukrainian, and Kazakhstani businessmen, Joe Biden has repeatedly appeared on the sidelines of his son’s business meetings. The president said that he has “never spoken” to his son “about his overseas business dealings,” and he kept repeatedly denying that he knows anything about the business dealings, reported Daily Caller.

Communications from the laptop his son abandoned in Delaware in 2019 mention Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden also visited Mexico repeatedly while his father was vice president. The president made a trip to Mexico, while also making this trip for the first time during his presidency.

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