Wendy's may have just saved themselves from a worldwide boycott

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Rumors were going crazy on the Internet when some media outlets said Wendy's hinted at trying "surge" pricing which could allow them to adjust prices up or down based on demand. The Internet went WILD with people saying how bad this would be and threatening to never buy fast food at Wendy's again - myself included.
Wendy's is now trying to clarify the message and says they will not do surge pricing, which everyone hates anyway. Wendy's Co. is getting ready to spend around $20 million for some digital menu boards that allow them to update prices as needed - in a faster way. And let's just remind Wendy's that if they ever did surge pricing, they may as well buy their own shovel because that would be the end of Wendy's. They would hopefully go out of business in a month if they dared mess with surge pricing. Fast food is already too expensive thanks to companies giving workers $15 an hour for a job where people sometimes mess up the order. Fox8 reported more on this:
The burger chain clarified its stance on how it will approach pricing after various media reports said that the company was looking to test having the prices of its menu items fluctuate throughout the day based on demand. “Wendy’s will not implement surge pricing, which is the practice of raising prices when demand is highest. We didn’t use that phrase, nor do we plan to implement that practice,” the company said late Tuesday in a prepared statement.
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