Nathan Wade admits what he does with Fani Willis

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Nathan Wade is dropping some truth bombs on his ex-lover Fani Willis. He claims that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had reimbursed him for trips they went on when they started dating. Wade was testifying in the misconduct hearing and said he used his credit card to book some of the trips because Fani Willis would "limit her transactions" for safety reasons, according to a report by The Beast.  The report further said:
He said Willis, whom he described as an “independent, strong woman,” would insist “she is going to pay her own way” by giving him cash or paying for things that made the cost of the trip equitable. “Let’s take the Belize trip for example. That was a birthday trip to me, so I paid nothing for that trip,” Wade said about the March 2023 trip that he said Willis paid him back for entirely. “We are not keeping a ledger.” Regarding another trip to California in May 2023, Wade said, “Everything we did when we got into Napa, she paid for.”
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