Nikki Haley voter goes on MSNBC and that's not a good thing

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  • 4 months ago
Here's what happens when you're an uninformed Nikki Haley supporter ends up being used as content on MSNBC. I bet this guy thought it would be cool to be on television, and don't get me wrong - it's very cool to be on TV. But the problem here is that MSNBC is basically using this guy to push a narrative and he sounds like he's got no clue what he's talking about. You should not support a candidate like Nikki Haley because she has NO CHANCE to become the nominee for the RNC. And if you're supporting Nikki Haley so you can hurt Donald Trump, then that's not very smart either. Get behind a true winner, not someone who's just a political pawn being used and possibly paid off to stay in the race. That's just my opinion.
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