Joe Biden allegedly having "fits of rage" over Hunter's criminal charges

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President Joe Biden is reportedly not happy with the way Republicans are treating his disgraced son, Hunter Biden, and reports suggest the failing president is suffering "fits of rage" over the whole situation revolving around Hunter Biden's federal prosecution. Trending Politics reported:

Insiders who spoke with Axios described a leader at times either frustrated, angry, or saddened by the slow drip of scandals surrounding Hunter. Last week the embattled first son was indicted on nine new counts related to tax fraud by special counsel David Weiss. Nothing, they say, is more likely to suddenly shift the president’s mood than the topic of his son and the multiple federal cases he is facing while struggling to maintain sobriety.

The irritation was apparently during a recent press conference where President Biden swatted away questions from a reporter who pointed out that 70 percent of Americans and 40 percent of Democrats believe he acted unethically related to his family’s business dealings.

“It’s just a bunch of lies,” replied Biden before waving his hand and walking away.

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