Anti-Woke company releases 'Real Women of America' calendar

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At least one company is tired of seeing men wearing lipstick and acting like women. This company is releasing a REAL WOMEN OF AMERICA calendar and they're making calendars great again! My Daily Freedom reported on the Real Women of America calendar, saying the following in a commentary article:

America has been dealing with a 'woke' problem that's causing controversy left and right with identity politics, gender problems, and many social issues that have Americans fed up and wanting things to go back to 'normal.' One of the big problems was highlighted when Bud Light partners with a man who wears makeup and acts like a woman. That was a marketing disaster that caused their company to lose a lot of money and teach marketing experts a lesson on what NOT to do. Not all press is good press, and the Bud Light marketing disaster was a perfect example of that.

On the contrary, another company was doing the opposite of Bud Light. Instead of partnering with a man in a dress, the company is working with real women to promote their latest product. Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, an advocate for protecting the integrity of women's sports and keeping biological males out of women's sports, has partnered with a 'non-woke' company for a project that many men would likely be happy to take a look at.

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