Softball player faces suspensions after ripping off shirt, threatening opponents

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This story comes from a Reddit thread in the sub-Reddit named /r/SlowPitch. The user is talking about a time where his team won a championship and one of the guys on the other team ripped off his shirt and started threatening people. It was like the guy, a full grown adult, couldn't handle a loss in a recreational league that literally means nothing. It's just grown-ups signing up, playing for fun, and having a great time. The victory is nothing but a bonus. The user, /u/jammastergeneral, shared his story:

Last night, our team won the league championship. After taking some photos, we headed out to the parking lot about 15 minutes later to celebrate.

One of the guys we played against is a bit unhinged. As we were celebrating, he approached us, shirtless, and started threatening our entire team. He had previously been suspended by the league for a season, and my guess is he may pick up another suspension.

Let’s hear your insane opponent story.

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