Charles Payne shares inspiring, emotional story about his family

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Charles Payne became very overwhelmed and told his inspiring story to a pretty good sized audience. The American Tribune reported on it and included some of his quotes. The report said:

Describing the deed before reading it, trying to put the comparatively slight risk of investing in a given large-cap stock in perspective by doing so, Payne said, “I got to share some of this with you because it is so powerful for anyone out there that thinks buying Amazon is a great risk. They gave everything they have for the property."

Then, reading the deed as his voice began to shake, Payne said, “It says, ‘we do hereby grant bargain and sell and convey unto the to the seller to describe the personal property and crops which are owned by us freely. One red horse mule named Red. One gray horse mule named Jack. One two-horse wagon, one hay mover, one hay press, nine head of mixed cattle, a cell hog, some wagons, mowers, presses."

He added that his grandparents took real risk and made real sacrifices for years to obtain that farm and the real estate, saying, “My grandparents gave everything. Everything they had. They worked their a** off for years, and they gave it all for 60 acres to have their own. That’s a risk, folks. That’s a risk. I’m so grateful."

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