Donald Trump had a LOT to say about 'politically dead' Ron DeSantis

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Former President Donald Trump was on the Full Send podcast and was asked about Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis down in Florida. Trump suggested that DeSantis lacked loyalty and was 'politically dead' at one point before Trump supposedly resurrected this guy's career like he was putting one hand through the dirt as a zombie in the Thriller video. The real thriller will come if DeSantis DOES decide to officially run for president and DeSantis and Trump clash in debates. Forget about any of the circus clowns on the Democrat side - none of those people are likable or have enough common sense to run a country, so we need everyone to vote Republican in 2024.

Just take a look at Joe Biden's diversity circus full of failure clowns. Heck, that's what happens when you hire the worst of the bunch for the sake of diversity instead of just picking who the best people are for every position. Some dude who wears women's clothes shouldn't be talking to anyone about health if you catch my drift. One of the other guys are facing criminal charges for stealing luggage, allegedly. Mayor Pete buttcheeks is running the transportation department and the only thing he knows about trains might be from the comfort of his bedroom if ya catch my joke.
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