Biological woman on Dr. Phil identifies as 'birthing person, not a woman or mother' - sparks debate

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A biological female guest on Dr. Phil's show described herself as a "nonbinary birthing person, not a woman or mother" and it was all part of a debate about the delusional transgender movement erasing women, pushing boundaries with biological males taking over women's sports and spaces, and overall - a complete mess and something horrible for society in general.

The guest on Dr. Phil, who was pregnant and had a baby, said that giving birth did not make her a mother. Except, by technical words, it does. A woman who gives birth is a mother. This is a biological woman because men cannot get pregnant, and anyone who says they can is both wrong and stupid. I honestly hate these people. They're just terrible for society and anyone like this who gets pregnant doesn't deserve to bring a child into the world. That kid will sadly end up messed up just like this lady is. 

NY Post had some more of the details on this twisted individual who is mentally deranged:

A “Dr. Phil” guest who described themself as a “nonbinary birthing person” told the host that giving birth did not make them a “mother.”

“I do not identify as a mother,” the guest, identified as Danny, told host Phil McGraw, 72, on Wednesday’s episode while describing the “spiritual experience” of giving birth.

Danny’s statement cropped up during a discussion on the show regarding whether efforts to include trans and nonbinary people have excluded women.

As an example, Dr. Phil brought up how trans-inclusive terminology such as “persons with uteruses” and “birthing persons” are increasingly replacing the term “women.”

This sparked a debate among guests on the show with women’s activist Kara Dansky claiming that the movement diminishes the idea of womanhood and female accomplishments through history.

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