Security guards saved 'dozens of lives', blocked armed man in DEVIL MASK from entering Tampa club

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Three security guards potentially saved dozens of people when they stopped this armed guy wearing a devil mask from entering a club and doing who knows what.  CBS News had the scoop:
Three "heroic" security guards are being praised after surveillance video captured them stopping an armed man wearing a devil mask from entering a Florida strip club, potentially saving "dozens of lives," the Tampa Police Department said Tuesday.Police said the suspect, identified as 44-year-old Michael Rudman, arrived at Mons Venus on Sunday wearing a red and black devil mask with the words "Kill" and "Dark One" written on his arms. The suspect is seen in the surveillance footage walking toward the entrance of the strip club with what police said was a fully loaded firearm in one hand and a flashlight in the other. One of the security guards noticed the firearm and knocked the weapon out of the suspect's hand. The guard then picked up the gun and pointed it at the suspect, but rather than back down, he attempted to grab the gun back. A struggle then ensued with three guards attempting to hold Rudman and pin him to the ground. One of the guards suffered minor injuries during the incident, police said.
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