AOC says what happened in Ohio is 'potential crime scene'

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Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes sense for once as she said what happened in Ohio is a 'potential crime scene' and demands a hearing on the derailments, as reported by The Hill. You have to wonder how Mayor Butt-igieg feels about her statement considering he's one of the biggest failures in Joe Biden's administration. The report said:
“This committee needs to hold a hearing on the derailment in East Palestine,” the New York Democrat said during a House Oversight and Accountability hearing on Thursday as the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee grilled the CEO of Norfolk Southern Railway. “This is not just a disaster site. It is a potential crime scene.”The federal government continues to deal with the fallout of the derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals in East Palestine, which sparked an environmental and public health disaster. Ocasio-Cortez said Norfolk Southern should not be allowed to directly participate in the cleanup efforts.“We don’t let folks return to the scene of a crime,” she said. “And we’ve been letting that — potentially, potentially — for almost a month now.”
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