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"Her head just hit the pavement": Woman allegedly reached for cop's gun, got knocked out at wedding party

I see a lot of people acting like fools and clashing with each other, getting physical, and a woman cracks her skull on the pavement and gets knocked out after a cop knocks her silly. Also, I've seen multiple angles of this video and it appears the woman who got knocked out was allegedly reaching for OR near the police officers firearm. If she was really trying to grab his gun, then the cop did a great job teaching her a lesson. What caused this? Well, let's see what KATV says:

Multiple people who were part of a wedding party were arrested following an incident in Rhode Island that included the assault of an officer.

Newly released police body-cam video showed the chaotic confrontation between Newport officers and wedding party members early Sunday morning. Police said the incident happened along Bowen’s Wharf.

According to a Newport Police Department report obtained by WJAR, it started when security at The Landing restaurant denied entry to David Onik, of Barrington, after 1 a.m. because they were no longer letting people inside.

This upset Onik, the report said, and he allegedly pushed an employee. When restaurant security stepped in, the report said Onik allegedly punched a security guard.

Onik's friends and family led him away, but the police wanted to talk.

While officers were speaking with him, Onik's wife Rachel, kept interrupting.

I'm gonna stop reporting on it right there because THANKS FOR NOTHING, RACHEL!!! Maybe if she would have shut her mouth for five seconds, then none of this would have happened. Since when do people think it's OK to touch a police officer? Rule number one - don't touch cops. Rule number two - don't reach for their gun. These are very easy rules that everyone can follow so they don't get knocked out at a wedding party.


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