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Restaurant owner confronts alleged 'Dine and Dash' customer, caught on video

This restaurant owner in Florida had no problem shaming a customer who allegedly dined and dashed, meaning she ate the food and left without paying. It's a rotten thing for any customer to do. Sometimes people may forget in the spur of the moment. I did that once in a pizza place and I walked back in, asked the guy at register if I paid or not, and he goes "I actually forget" haha! So he looked it up on the register and said nope. So I paid. That's it. It's that simple. However, some people are legit thieves who walk out on purpose and try to get away with not paying. That's no good.

Inside Edition reported the following on YouTube:

The confrontation between a Florida restaurant manager and a customer accused of not paying for her beer was captured on video. The footage was posted on Facebook to shame customers who allegedly “dine and dash.” In the case of the alleged “dine and dasher,” restaurant owner Ken Brackins asked the woman to pay her tab but she says her pitcher of beer was blown over by the wind, so she should not have to pay. Inside Edition’s Ann Mercogliano has more.


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