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"It was unlike me": Country star Zach Bryan arrested, issues apology after

Country singer Zach Bryan was arrested for a little bit after he got too "lippy" with police. He later posted an apology video and a statement on X. Zach Bryan said: "To be clear in the video I posted, I’m not trying to save face or act like the good guy, I was a complete spoiled asshole to these police officers and I’ll spend the next few weeks trying my best to right my wrongs and take back what I said. I do respect police officers and I made a massive mistake. I am embarrassed for myself, my family and the people I love but all I can do now in sincerely apologize." Follow Zach on X!

Zach was driving Oklahoma and his security guard was driving behind him. His security was pulled over by police, so naturally Zach stopped too. Zach was outside of his vehicle and kinda mouthed off at the police, which lead to him being detained and now there's a mugshot floating around that people said actually looks really cool! LOL!!! It appears that Zach Bryan supports police and admits he may have messed up a little bit while the police were just trying to do their job. Zach sounds like a good guy for owning up to his little mistake and that's how it should be. AP reported on some of the details of Zach Bryan's arrest:

“I get too lippy with him,” Bryan said. “I’m just mouthing off like an idiot” and the officer was “just doing their job.”

Bryan said he spent “a few hours” at the Craig County jail before being released on bond and that he spoke to the officer and shook hands with him before leaving.

Bryan in an earlier post on X, wrote, he is “truly sorry to the officers” and that he was out of line.

“I don’t think that I’m above the law, I was just being disrespectful ... I was just an idiot ... and it won’t happen again,” Bryan said in the video. “I was just frustrated in the moment, it was unlike me and I apologize.”


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