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Brawls break out at school board meeting over 'Pride' curriculum, arrests made

Fed up parents are not taking it anymore as brawls broke out at a Glendale school board meeting that discussed a Pride curriculum. Most parents want this content out of schools and away from children, but some progressives keep insisting to push the indoctrinating materials into the classroom and are constantly accused of 'grooming' young children into an alternative lifestyle.

As of now, there have been at least three arrests after fights broke out during the meeting that discussed the inclusion of LGBT materials into the curriculum. Police had to set up barricades to control the crowds as protesters from both sides showed up, sparking the confrontations as parents fought to protect children and keep the sexual/gender content out of the classrooms.

Police issued a dispersal order, but it didn't really work and the crowds engaged each other. A report on KTLA says most of the crowd was peaceful, but small groups were acting up and those are likely where the arrests happened. The news report on the Glendale school board meeting said the following:

Advocates said LGBTQ+ representation is especially important when it comes to inclusion in school studies. Opponents, however, said that while some didn’t oppose the LGBTQ+ community, they didn’t want the content to be introduced to children.

“Bringing in curriculum for K-6 on gender ideology, that is what we’re against,” said Any Torosyan, a Glendale parent opposing the curriculum. Torosyan believes money should be spent focusing on improving students’ testing scores instead.

“We were talking about children,” said Philip George, an LGBTQ+ curriculum opposer. “They are not ready for such choices. It confuses them and ultimately these are things that parents should decide.”

The superintendent of the Glendale School District wants the school district to be inclusive and suggested that even three-year-olds can tell if they're gay or not. The report stated:

Glendale School District Superintendant, Vivian Vekchian, disagrees with that idea, saying representation is especially important in schools as being an LGBTQ+ person is not a choice.

“Our primary focus in our school district is to be inclusive,” said Vekchian. “Every student matters, every family member matters. We do follow state laws and California Department of Education guidelines.”

“They should be taught because so many of them already at 3 years old know who they are and they need to know the options they have in life,” said Maebe Putlo, an LGBTQ+ supporter. “To close them off, to shut down the questions that they already have in their minds. I wish there were books out there that I could turn to, mentors out there I could turn to or the facilities out there I could turn to because I grew up feeling totally alone.”

Glendale school officials tell KTLA the Pride-inclusive curriculum is nothing new and has been in effect since 2019. However, the resolution is presented for reconsideration annually.

Parents all across social media have been expressing their distaste for the LGBT materials being present in classrooms and reminding followers that students should not know their teacher's sexuality or personal lifestyles. Teachers are in classrooms to provide an education and place of caring, a second home during the day, but teachers should not be sharing their personal lifestyle choices to students as it could be very confusing to them at a young age.


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