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'Oh f*ck this': Speaker McCarthy shredded after debt ceiling deal

Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy is being shredded on social media after striking a debt ceiling deal with President Joe Biden. The House voted YES to pass the debt ceiling deal over to Senate where it will most likely pass. The options are to pass the deal before Monday's deadline or default on the nation's debt. Many Americans dislike the deal and feel like it's wasting money instead of cutting more spending that could be needed.

But once McCarthy pushed it forward with his vocal support, then appeared to celebrate it after it passed, he was instantly trashed on social media. Some folks have been calling for him to be removed. Many Republicans may have said "oh f*ck this" when they saw how much McCarthy seemed to support this deal, then how excited he was after it passed. He spoke to the media. Once the video was posted to social media, the members of the community spoke out against him immediately. I know I said it, so that quote is technically from me, but I can't be the only one who said it about Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy was saying something like this: "I’ve been thinking about this day before my vote for Speaker because I knew the debt ceiling was coming. I wanted to make history... For the first time, in quite sometime, we’d spend less than we did the year before...”


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