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KJP brags about White House diversity despite tough economic times, Biden failures, and Russian turmoil

White House press secretary KJP was bragging about the White House diversity, something that doesn't actually matter in any meaningful way when it comes to success, and this was all while America is still suffering in tough economic times, dealing with low-approval rating Joe Biden and his failures, and turmoil with Russia while they battle with Ukraine who takes tons of our money. KJP said: "The Cabinet is majority people of color for the first time in history. The Cabinet is majority female for the first time in history. A majority of White House senior staff identify is female and a record 7 assistants to the president are LGBTQ+."

When it comes to diversity, no one really cares about that because hiring based on diversity is never the right way to hire anyone. The best candidate for the job should always get the job and it shouldn't matter if they're a man or woman or what color they are. Let's take a look at our diversity hires and how bad they're doing.

Kamala Harris - look how bad she's doing. She is completely clueless and never has any idea what's going on. Joe Biden picked her because she's a black woman, even though she attacked him during the debates. She is not qualified to help run a country. She's a walking word salad, at best.

Pete Buttigieg - look how long he took to visit Ohio and deal with the toxic train derailment. He's a complete failure in every way possible and Biden picked him because he represents the alphabet people, but he's clearly not qualified for the job. He has no idea what he's doing and hasn't done anything beneficial for America.

Sam Brinton - he's a former aide who was caught stealing luggage and wears women's clothes and lipstick. He belongs in prison for his crimes, but it's unclear how much punishment he'll face from the legal system. Just think, Biden picked a guy who wears high-heels and dresses to work in the vicinity of nuclear information, a complete failure in every way possible and embarrassing to all of America.

Rachel Levine - a man who thinks he's a woman is the assistant secretary of health. This guy wouldn't know health if it smacked him in the face like a two-foot hot dog. If you think anyone is taking him seriously, then think again. It's disgusting that Biden's administration picked people like him to represent our country.

If you look around at other countries, then you'll probably notice that people are mocking America and laughing at the people Biden picked to run his White House. Or, should we say, it's a Joe Biden circus at this point. We the people don't want this and we don't like it. It's embarrassing to us and is a complete mockery of our country.


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