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Lena Dunham wannabe punches black guy and he slaps her into next Tuesday

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  • This SJW feminist probably fights for equal rights, but now her equal rights fight back. She looks like a Lena Dunham knockoff with a bad bowl cut. I am certain that is a female, it's also passable for an ugly feminine boy - sorta like Lena Dunham. She punches this guy and walks away like she's allowed to just punch anyone she wants. He doesn't think so. He open hand slaps the dickens out of her. Then another person tries to fight him and he pushes them back. If you're going to punch someone, then expect to get punched back. You can't just hit someone and expect it to be OK. I don't advocate for violence against women, but I bet you she won't punch someone else like that ever again. How entitled is this brat that she thinks she can punch someone and walk away like it's not a problem. Posted in Viral on April 13, 2017 and filed under feminist.

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