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BUSTED: Classified Documents Show Michelle Obama Used Taxpayer Dollars To PAY Friends And Family To Vacation With Her

Are you an American tax payer? If you answered yes to that question, then you’re also the person who helped pay for Michelle Obama’s fancy...

After 16-Year-Old Accepts Invitation To Sing At Trump’s Inauguration, LOOK What Happens To Her…

Jackie Evancho is about to be on a massive stage in front of the entire planet, and the only thing that butt-hurt liberal leftist scumbags can do is a...

Trump may use police to help deport illegal immigrants

Donald Trump expressed interest in deporting illegal immigrants, specifically those who have a criminal record. Trump’s plan might include train...

ENOUGH! Hillary Clinton’s ‘sick and tired’ of these ‘divisive’ anti-Bill protesters

Campaigning in Florida, Hillary Clinton confronted some protesters who had some rather harsh things to say about her husband: Man interrupts the ...

SHOCK: Homeless Woman Defending Trump Walk of Fame Star Assaulted By Hillary THUGS! (VIDEO)

The tolerant left proves how loving they are by bullying, harassing, and finally attacking a homeless woman because she doesn’t support Hillary ...

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