Here's what TrendingViews can do for you.

Video Hosting

Trending Views can host videos for your website. Upload your video, get it approved, then copy/paste the embed code for the video. Our videos work on just about every site. Our embed codes work just like YouTube. Why use our service? We won't delete your video if we think it is too harsh. We don't accept adult content, but everything else is pretty much fine. TrendingViews has minimal ads in the video player, so your users will not get annoyed.

Video hosting with Trending Views is free because we have an ad in the video that helps cover the costs.

Sign up / Login to Trending Views, then press the upload button to begin.

News/Article Syndication

Trending Views can syndicate your WordPress RSS feed and post previews of your articles. At the end of your articles is a link to your article. We post a preview that's about 350 words, then send the user to your site for the full article. This helps generate new readers, relative backlinks, and increases traffic to your site.

The cost for this is $100 per month or $1,000 per year if you pay up front. That's 2 months free to thank you for your loyalty.

PayPal is accepted and WordPress is the only platform that we accept at the moment. 

Please register and pay here on this page.

Publisher PPC Program

Trending Views offers a pay per click program to website publishers. Trending Views pays per click for high quality traffic and uses Google Analytics as a third party tracking system.

You can use the publisher program in conjuction with the video hosting and article syndication programs.

Our program is amazing because it lets YOU decide what ads appear and HOW they appear. You can post text links, banner ads, content suggestions, forum posts, and all of it counts towards your stats. As long as the traffic is high quality and from top tier programs, then you will do well and earn a few extra bucks with your site.

Sign up for the Trending Views PPC program.

Purchase Picture/Video Plugs for Traffic

Trending Views sells "plugs" at $10 per piece for content that is pictures or videos. There is no guarantee on how much traffic you will get and all sales are final. You might get 300 clicks, or you might get 3000. It all depends on our users and incoming traffic during that day. Your plugs will remain in our system forever. You can buy ten plugs for $80 to save $20. We don't accept news links in the picture/video content area. News sites can get their content syndicated instead. PayPal is accepted for plug purchases.

Please contact Frank to set this up.

Our best source of traffic is social media and our traffic quality is amazing. Here's a screenshot to show our quality of users, which is mostly from USA.