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Category: News

Fake Black Woman is jobless, on welfare, and faces eviction

Rachel Dolezal should've stayed white, she could have used her privileges!


Cuomo's NASTY tweet nasty about men in the girls bathroom

Spoiler - he thinks girls should deal with penis in the bathroom and daddies aren't tolerant enough


American College of Pediatrics says transgenderism is child abuse

Gender ideology harms children and now parents can see the damage they do with transgender nonsense


Here's the TERRORIST behind the next Women's March

The last women's march was lead by washed up celebrities, sharia law, and a rapist murderer. Didn't think it could get worse. It just did.


Welfare queens lose their mind, can't believe they have to get a job

Welfare leeches burning tax payer money are freaking out! They might have to get off their sweaty couch and work for a living.


You won't believe what SICK thing this billionaire told people to do

Wouldn't it be nice if people could figure out their gender by now? Just look in your pants!!


Trump just dropped the USA debt by more than you think

The amount of money our country owes is crazy. I would be happy with ten percent of that in my bank account.


Peeping drone spies on sunbathing girl; Dad SHOOTS it out of the sky!

Everyone knows the drones have cameras. That's what they're for! Although, drones are not for hovering over some girl as she's trying to get a tan. That's creepy.


100 women get matching tattoos with republican's quote

If you see this on a girl at the bar, then RUN as fast as you can!!


Trump team may keep Andrew Jackson on the $20 and dump Harriet Tubman

The liberals and democrats are so oblivious that they want to remove the founder of the democratic party and replace it with a slave thief


People called her racist for what she wore, then they were HUMILIATED

The girl in the picture was recently called RACIST and plenty of other names when she posted this picture of herself wearing a turban. The people who called her racist and yelled at her for that nonsense called "cultural appropriation" had no idea the 1...


AZ Governor wants charges dropped against guy giving free homeless haircuts

You're a special kind of scumbag if you penalize a man giving free haircuts to homeless people in Arizona. Thankfully the governor of Arizona knows it's stupid to charge the guy with anything, so he's fighting to get the charges dropped. Give the guy a...


BLM Leader says white people are sub-human

Black Lives Matter lady thinks white people are subhuman. Nah, sorry lady. White people are just human. Kinda like you! The lady in the picture is wearing a "stolen from Africa" shirt, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't stolen from anywhere. If she&...


Trump crashes wedding, cracks funny joke in a speech

A young couple was marrying at Mar-A-Lago. They happen to be related to a family who has donated $100,000 to Trump's campaign. Trump stops over for some pictures and gives a little speech. Then cracks a joke at how much money the family gave him. They're memb...


Syrian President has a message for democrats and liberals

If liberals and democrats want to learn anything at all, then they should watch the video below. It's a lesson they can learn about the reality of what's actually going on outside their moron bubbles. This is one interview that liberals and Democrats mu...


Chris Cuomo thinks saying someone makes FAKE NEWS is bad like a racial slur

Chris Cuomo is an idiot. He thinks calling someone out for reporting fake news is the same as using a racial slur.  Let me ask you this, would you rather be called the N WORD or FAKE NEWS? Cuomo must be on the mental spectrum if he thinks calling someone Fake...


10 reasons why a daily beer is good for you

The list below claims beer is good for us. I'm not arguing it. Just grabbed me a drink now and let's get healthy together. One fact below says beer could make you thin, but that's not true when you're eating three slices of pepperoni pizza thinking yo...


Norway’s police haven't killed anyone since 2006

Apparently Norway is so chill that the police don't ever have to shoot anyone. I wonder how the Norwegian police would feel if we sent them to Chicago. They would probably freak out. This makes me wonder what's so different in Norway that the police do...


Bias Response Teams destroy FREE SPEECH, cater to college liberals

If you attend a college who has a Bias Response Team, then your college has gone full retard. There may be no turning back. You have to graduate. If you're in your first semester, then it's not too late to transfer to a school who doesn't cater to sensit...


16 fake news stories that came out since Trump won the election

A website called  The Federalist released a list of 16 fake news stories that were published by liberal mainstream media. The list is hilarious. Liberal mainstream media is not. Early November: Spike in Transgender Suicide Rates November 22: ...