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Category: News

MD lawmakers pass sanctuary status after 14yo is raped at school by illegal aliens

I can't believe Maryland lawmakers voted yes to this horrid legislation that allows criminals to remain in their state.


Transgender weightlifter crushes womens competition, wink wink - it's a man

A man who identifies as a woman just won a female weightlifting competition and people are not very happy about it


Coffee isn't the only hot item at the Bikini Bean Espresso

Baristas at this coffee shop serve drinks in beach time bikinis, sending customers home with a premium beverage and a smile.


White cop does the unexpected to black Vietnam vet

The mainstream media skipped this story. When you read it, you'll see why.


Sam Bee tells a NAZI HAIR joke, it backfires immediately

Sam Bee cracks a joke about a CPAC attendee and says he has NAZI HAIR. No, but he has something else and now she's apologizing


RACIST! Pitzer college students tell white girls they can't wear hoop earrings

They were like "yo, wypipo, ya'll don't be wearing those hoop earrings, naaaaa-mean?" And from today on, I will not ever send a kid to Pitzer college.


Black Lives Matter is PISSED at what this southern brewery just made

It's all fun and games until you crack a joke at a team of social justice warriors like the BLM group


Reasons to Vote Democrat - Comprehensive Guide - instant best seller

This hilarious book details all the best reasons why everyone should vote for a democrat


42-year-old woman gets naked for three boys, does the unthinkable

When she started talking to them, that's when it went downhill and she commit this serious crime


Outraged driver wants racist sign removed, but forgets one thing

This sign is terrible, but the drivers who don't like it can't do anything about it. Here's why.


Illegal immigrant Dreamer does live press conference, moments later she's deported

Deported without a trial. I bet she didn't expect that to happen.


Princeton snowflakes ban StormTrooper costumes from STAR WARS party

How did these folks get into Princeton? I thought it was a school for smart people.


Rachel Dolezal changed her race, now she's changing her name

She's also unemployed and probably homeless at this point, but she has time to worry about a name change


She looked outside and knew immediately what to do next

Hike up those pants and lace up your wet boots, gonna be a drippy one for the east coast.


Vandals topple 100 headstones in Philly Jewish Cemetery

Sad day for people paying their respects as they arrived to the cemetery and it looked like this.


Allow Gun Owners To Carry Concealed Weapon

New Hampshire Latest State To Allow Gun Owners To Carry Concealed Weapon


Trump Supporters Attacked At Oscars Protest

Trump Supporters Attacked At Oscars Protest

Tom Perez: Who Is He

Tom Perez: Who Is He And What You Need To Know

Fake Black Woman is jobless, on welfare, and faces eviction

Rachel Dolezal should've stayed white, she could have used her privileges!


Cuomo's NASTY tweet nasty about men in the girls bathroom

Spoiler - he thinks girls should deal with penis in the bathroom and daddies aren't tolerant enough