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Category: Crime

Father sees his daughter like this, his next move sent abusive boyfriend running

A dad found out his daughter was dating an abusive criminal boyfriend. He took care of things his way


His wife ran an illegal daycare, but his sick crime is horrifying

Old man's wife committed her own crimes, but the crime he did cannot be forgiven


Man stabs dumpster diver to death. The reason why has people outraged

A racist man traveled from Baltimore to NYC to stab a man who was rummaging in the dumpsters.


Two illegal aliens raped a 14-year-old girl at Rockville High School

When your state doesn't deport people on time, then they send them to younger classes and they rape someone - that's the state's fault.


Shooting in this east coast city prompts eldery man to request MARTIAL LAW

A man was shot 9 times and is in stable condition. Another man wants martial law to clean up the loose ends in the city.


Man tried to sodomize toddler, but he picked the wrong victim

Man eyeballs kids at the playground, then picks his victime and tries to attack. That's when the toddlers Mom put a stop to it!


OK lawmaker caught in motel with three things that got him arrested

A state senator in motel room that stinks like weed, a 17yo boy, and some rubbers. What happened?


Hilarious moment an Anti-Trump democrat gets arrested

Anti-Trumper gets himself arrested at an ICE headquarters in Chicago


Amish farmer faces huge jail sentence, but the reason why is ridiculous

An Amish farmer faces jailtime. His offense doesn't seem like anything bad at all, but the jury threw the book at him!


Felon thug gives cops a nasty message, judge has the last laugh

A career criminal is sentenced to 30 years for shooting a police officer. Then he says three nasty words to the police and judge adds to the sentence.


Intruder breaks into White House while Trump at residence

A man climbed the fence then busted onto the property of the White House. He was arrested.


44 dead in double suicide bombing

What if this happened in your neighborhood? Does reading about this attack make you feel OK with the travel restrictions?


Teacher sends naughty pics, then does the unthinkable IN SCHOOL

She started sending pictures, but then something happened in a classroom. Now she's in jail for three years.


100 teens form violent flash mob and terrorize Philly

When you're reading at the 5th grade level and you're 17, then this is what you resort to. SAD!


ISIS soldiers in prison brag about horrible crimes, one involving 300 people

The amount of damage one ISIS member can do is insanity.


Drug dealer pranks cops, then instantly regrets it

This is hilarious, but you know how it ends for the bad guys.


Illegal immigrant crushes is kid's skulls, but he doesn't get the last laugh

A very demented man has done horrible things to his own family. Now they may not see him ever again.


Muslim lab tech caught molesting female patients in Texas hospital

Sick technician hospital employee does horrible things to girls. Finally they speak up.


Elderly man pepper-spray after violent Anti-Trump protest

I guess his red MAGA hat gave him away? Who harms an old man like this? This is childish behavior.


Farmer faces trespassers with rifle, cops have the last laugh

Migrant refugees invade farm, then call cops on the owner. What happens next is hilarious.