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Category: Crime

BLM bro posts “KILL All White Cops” and the judge isn't laughing

When you think Facebook is for threatening police officers, that's when you've got it wrong.

Priest feeds people RAT POISON to prove they're immortal; they all die

If you go to church and eat rat poison, then you must be crazy


ISIS beheads teen when he's caught listening to Western music

A boy lost his head when he was caught listening to Western music which is against ISIS rules. If you listen to pop, then they'll pop your head off.


Police say teacher threatened to BURN staff for this one reason

So let me get this straight - you threaten your co-workers and think they're going to say yes to your demands? No. Doesn't work like that.


Machete man hacked two people to death, CAUGHT in NC, has YUGE secret

Do the words ICE ICE BABY ring a bell? I'm not talking about the flashy dancy singer Vanilla Ice. I'm talking about a hard KNOCK KNOCK at this guys door!!


Muslim migrant SPITS on a baby, then shouts RACIST words at Mom and infant

This is a racist act of verbal terror. When you're a grown man and you're spitting on babies, then you know your life is irrelevant.


Thug sees a Trump supporter, then pulls out his rifle and commits crime

Here's an example of what a degenerate civilian looks like. Strutting around on their cell phone camera like they're hot stuff. WRONG


Shocking love triangle goes bad, woman CUTS OFF another girls leg

Two women fighting over a man left one woman with her leg cut off. That's right! In a twisted Valentine love triangle, the main chick and the side piece were at war. All of a sudden, one girl runs the other girl over with her car and almost CUTS OFF HER LEG. The leg...


Homeless woman makes naughty video with underage boys in public bathroom

A homeless 28-year-old woman, Maria Lynn Baker, has turned herself in for sleeping with two underage boys in a war memorial bathroom in Florida and recording it on video. Sounds like every boys teenage dream to fornicate a homeless girl in a public bathroom. Or every...


Urban Abortion? Man accused of forcing pregnant woman to drink bleach

An extremely sick crime took place as a man allegedly choked his "girlfriend" who is pregnant with another man's baby. He tried pouring bleach into her mouth in hopes to kill the baby. I guess he was the side piece? Or was the woman pregnant with the si...


US National Guard Muslim ISIS fanboy slammed with jail time by judge

While we're all worried about importing refugee terrorists, somehow this one slipped by. Here's a homegrown terrorist caught being friends with ISIS. His MySpace top 8 would look really scary if MySpace was still relevant.   FORMER US NATIONA...


Illegal Mexican votes TWICE illegally, judge destroys her in court

A woman might serve 8 years in prison for illegally voting twice. I think that's a harsh punishment, even though the crime could've tampered with a national election. Slap her on the wrist with 100 hours of community service, then ship her back to her country...


Muslim refugees trap girls in water slide, do the unthinkable to them

You want to know what happens when you let pervert refugees in your swimming park? The girls get sexually assaulted and experience a living nightmare. They're supposed to be swimming and going down water slides to have family fun, but instead, they're nearly ...


Serial criminal points gun at cops, GETS DROPPED like a sack of potatoes

Wondering if Black Lives Matter will try throwing a riot over this video. Thank you to the Baltimore Police Department for making the sad, but correct, decision. It sucks to watch an 18-year-old get shot by cops because they lived a life of criminal action, but it...


Border Patrol captures migrant carrying something DISTURBING

Border Patrol caught a pervert trying to sneak into America. Upon capturing the guy trying to sneak into Texas, they did their normal search and investigations and found some nasty content on his phone. So this dumbass was trying to sneak into the country illegal...


Ten scumbags arrested for welfare fraud from their shady little store

Welfare cheating and fraud is a huge business and tax payers hate it! You have all these bums trying to scheme the system instead of just getting a job and making MORE money by working. Nah, they'd rather try to be smart and cheat the system, but eventually t...


Flight attendant sees disgusting teenager, but something worse sat next to her

Sheila Federick knew something was wrong when she saw a young teen sitting next to a creepy old man. The girl was dressed like a homeless bum with dirty hair. The much older man was dressed very well, like he was going to a business meeting in a fancy night club. She...


Ex-Employees reveal horrifying secret about Planned Parenthood

An old employee of Planned Parenthood just revealed the most horrendous news they could give about the company. This is completely f*cked up. Planned Parenthood has quotas for how many babies they have to kill each month. Sue Thayer revealed the details. ...


Terrorist bomber accidentally blows himself up

Some dude making a bomb to use in a terrorist attack accidentally blew himself up. His job did not have a pension. Fox reports: Hamas field commander Muhammad Walid al-Quqa, 37, died Sunday from injuries sustained while “setting up” something, ac...


Muslim refugee caught raping a teenage girl

There's a really good reason that most Americans don't want the refugees invading our country and it has to due with the Muslim rape culture. In every location that has accepted refugees, there's been more gang rapes, children raped, and people are ti...