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Reporter Goes Ghetto

This guy is so awesome. This is my favorite video of all time.

The real reason millennials struggle for success

Angela Duckworth wrote a great article about why millennials struggle with success and the answer was simple and effective:?Millennial babies lack grit. I'll add a few cents to that opinion in the sense that millennials are often wussified, entitled, and clueless. ...

You're a sexist if you dislike Ghostbusters 2016

Mike Matei from Cinemassacre refused to review Ghostbusters 2016 and is feeling the feminist fire after posting his non-review of the new Ghostbusters movie that includes an all female cast of slime slappers. He's being called a "sexist" because people think he refus...

Appeals court refuses to reconsider transgender bathroom. Guess who pees with your kid!

Transgender bathroom lawsuit denied for appeal A federal appeals court in Richmond refuses to redo a case that included three judges who ruled that a transgender teen should be permitted to utilize the boys bathroom in a high school. The transgender person is a girl ...

Is it RAPE if I kiss a transgender and don't know?

While Obama's transgender bathroom laws are slowly ruining everyone's time on the toilet, we forgot to examine transgender rape. I almost had to kiss a transgender...almost. I was groped by a transgender once. They felt my rear end and danced behind me in a dive locat...

This one thing will solve the transgender bathroom debate forever

I solved the transgender bathroom debate. It was easy. It took less than five minutes to figure out a solution that will keep everyone happy and let everyone use a toilet in private while preventing perverts from hiding in a stall. This method is already used at events ...

Deformed kitten shocks the world with amazing feet

Deformed Kitten finds a home Spartan was born in a litter of cats, but something was different. He has a deformed leg that looks like a shrimp. The deformed kitten was dropped off at a shelter and left behind by an owner who had no interest in loving their deformed k...

Did Buzzfeed post fake news about Donald Trump?

From what I'm reading on "intelligent sources" is that FakeFeed BuzzFeed posted a fake news fan fiction story about Donald Trump that talks about Russia and some sexual explorations involving some "golden showers" that allegedly happened with pro...

Muslim Refugees sue a PA school because it wasn't good enough

If this isn't good enough, then they can go back to their country, right? This is AMERICA. If you don't like it, then GTFO!

Leslie Jones website and iCloud hacked, nude photos leaked

Someone put a Harambe video on her page and that?s hilarious. Harambe is legend.

University warns freshmen - NO SAFE SPACES and NO TRIGGER WARNINGS!

College is not babysitting for snowflakes. Welcome to reality, you babied brats!

Disrespectful Muslim gets KNOCKED OUT!!!

He was being a jerk and someone taught him a priceless lesson.

Absolutely terrifying SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion video

Conspiracy theory says a UFO blew it up...

Poor Urban America should stop voting Democrat

Too many cities have become broke or ruined thanks to Democrat leadership.

Russia thought THIS would slow down speeding drivers

I know one thing that's moving back and forth really fast and it isn't a car

When black folks say "you're not listening" - remind them who didn't listen and got shot

While all the nonsense about Colin Kaepernick has been going on, there's been a lot of folks who give great advice when someone doesn't agree with something. Let's warm you up with a little facts first. I know facts are important, so here's my five fa...

Feral Thug Used His Car To Mow Down Cops— Just Got SLAPPED By The JUDGE!

25-year-old Jamera Fisher tried to run over a Delaware police officer and got himself shot as a result. Lucky for him, he lived. The officer did not shoot him fatally, but instead shot him enough to wound him and apprehend him. Fisher received immediate medical attentio...

HELL FREEZES OVER, PIGS FLY – The Obamas Just DESTROYED Hillary On Twitter

It is hard to believe that this just happened, BUT IT DID! And the Obamas are not the only ones. This indicates something huge! Something big must be brewing. Everybody who is anybody is backing away from Hillary Clinton. Let’s work in order of least significant t...

Kindergarten bombing leaves 3 dead, 25 injured

Forces possibly linked to the Syrian President have bombed a kindergarten leaving three kids dead and 25 injured. There might be more injuries as they sift through the rubbish, bodies, and debris. This is absolutely uncalled for in any war. There's no reason to b...